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Since 1959, the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore, Maryland has been training students in the methods and techniques of the Old Masters. The goal of the Schuler School has been, and continues to be, to assure that future generations of artists receive the wisdom of the past while acquiring the creative freedom that only the mastery of traditional skills can provide

This four year non-accredited atelier school provides a lively atmosphere in which students receive a high degree of personal attention. Drawing is stressed as the foundation for the study of painting and sculpture, and emphasis is placed on the mastery of the technical aspects of each discipline. This includes: grinding powdered pigments with the black oil that the student has prepared; making Maroger medium; preparing painting surfaces; making molds and casting sculpture, etc. The classes taught at the Schuler School train the artist in the perfection of their craft while teaching them the interrelationships of the various disciplines


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The Schuler School of Fine Arts came into being as a direct result of the life work of two prolific artists: Hans Schuler, Sr. (1874 – 1951) and Jacques Maroger (1884 – 1962). Their respect for the old masters and dedication to excellence became the hallmark of their lives and continues to be the hallmark of the Schuler School of Fine Arts.





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