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"I heard about Schuler from the John Hopkins program. They recommended atelier programs to prepare for their art portfolio requirements and mentioned Schuler as a good school. A lot of successful past students of the Hopkins program went through Schulers.'

     Schuler taught me all of the essential skills I needed including how to draw light and form, how to work from real life, and how to accurately and beautifully render objects. Schuler taught me all the basic skills I will need in the future as a student and as a medical illustrator.'

     My favorite part of Schulers is the people! I have made lifelong friends of all ages who are inspirational and supportive. Being at Schulers was a great experience, and I'm very glad to have attended."

       - Emily Wu, 2 year student 2017-2019



"Blair Atherholt graduated from the four year program at the Schuler School in the fall of 2015. After completing a post-graduate year of study dedicated to developing his technique in painting still life in oils, he pursued a career as a Fine Artist. 

His work has been included in numerous exhibitions through organizations such as the Art Renewal Center, Oil Painters of America, and the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society. He is currently represented by Canary Gallery (Birmingham, Alabama), Gallery 330 (Fredericksburg, Texas) and Reinert Fine Art (Charleston, South Carolina).


Blair resides and maintains a studio space in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where he strives to push the boundaries of realism through increasingly compelling and narrative works."



Nick Eisele was born and raised in Texas. He completed his undergraduate studies in Visualization at Texas A&M University. He moved to Baltimore, Maryland to study the techniques and methods of the European Old Masters at the Schuler School of Fine Arts. During his studies, Nick has become fascinated with the art of Still Life and Portraiture. 


 "Unusual pairings, compositions, and chiaroscuro techniques are the basis for my current work.  My aim is to push the boundaries to create alluring and unique effects in each of my paintings. I believe that the use of light and shadow is the ultimate tool, allowing a story to unfold. My current work is relatively small; ranging from 5"x 7" to 16"x 20".  I feel that this size invites a more intimate conversation with the viewer whom I hope to engage into a story subtly different from what they originally expected.  While colorful, I look for a palette that is at once harmonious yet also able to invoke a certain mood. 


     Every composition comes from my interest in a single element. Whether it is an object, pattern, color, or texture. I design around this by selecting supporting objects to compliment the mood of the painting I foresee. Playing with the placement of objects to create tension, reflection or an interesting narrative reveals a world that I see, or one I imagine - interesting and complex, full of hidden facets waiting to be discovered.  I strive for subtle movement and personality in my paintings."