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Summer School (In-Studio)

Work in the Historic studio of Hans Schuler Sr.

Built in 1906, The studio is filled with sketches and completed sculptures by the Schuler family. The big studio the is illuminated by a north facing skylight , allowing for consistent light throughout the day. The small studio is artificially lit for stronger shadows.

2021 Coronavirus Updates

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, The Schuler School of Fine Arts are acting on the recommendations of the guideline set forth by Baltimore City and the State of Maryland. In the event that in-studio classes are not permitted, we will switch to an all virtual format with the same schedule.


Contact us at for more information. 


9 am - 12 pm

  • Open Studio work in both studio spaces

  • Instructor Demonstrations and lessons


1 pm - 4 pm

  • The small studio is open studio space

  • The large studio is reserved for students working from a live portrait model

  • Instructor demonstrations and lessons

Studio Life

The Schuler school is a fun , family atmosphere.

We have 2 studio's students can use.  In addition there is  working space in the 9 east Gallery building for special classes and working space.

Students can eat lunch at the dining room table or outside in the fenced in yard.

Countless artbooks as well as numerous family and faculty art is available for reference.

The school also has a gallery for students to participate in our annual shows as well as for additional space and specialty classes. 

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