Since 1959, the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore, Maryland has been training students in the methods and techniques of the Old Masters. The goal of the Schuler School has been, and continues to be, to assure that future generations of artists receive the wisdom of the past while acquiring the creative freedom that only the mastery of traditional skills can provide

This four year non-accredited atelier school provides a lively atmosphere in which students receive a high degree of personal attention. Drawing is stressed as the foundation for the study of painting and sculpture, and emphasis is placed on the mastery of the technical aspects of each discipline. This includes: grinding powdered pigments with the black oil that the student has prepared; making Maroger medium; preparing painting surfaces; making molds and casting sculpture, etc. The classes taught at the Schuler School train the artist in the perfection of their craft while teaching them the interrelationships of the various disciplines


We at the Schuler School are saddened by the abrupt and tragic passing of Jim Gavin. Many of you know him fondly for his kindness and generosity., frequently visiting the school with his dog, the always lovable Schuler. We will miss him dearly.


The Schuler School Staff

2020 - 2021

1st term begins October 7th and runs through January 29 2021

Most of the classes offered will be virtual. Instructors will teach from home or in the studio with zoom classes to make them available to all students enrolled in that class. Virtual classes will include structured lessons, demonstrations, paint alongs, projects and individual painting time with critiques. Studio space at the school is available on a limited basis, full time and those who can not work at home will be given priority. Each student will be given a dedicated space to work
and store supplies. All precautions for safety from Covid-19 will be strictly observed. This option is subject to change depending on health concerns but classes will continue online.

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2021 Fur to Feathers


Virtual show opens April 10th 2021

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The teaching goal of the Schuler School program is to train professional artists in the perfection of their craft. Central to our curriculum is the study of anatomy and drawing, as well all technical aspects of each course, preparation of the Maroger medium for instance. Students are also taught to understand the interrelationship between the various disciplines that we teach.

Skilled drawing is the foundation of the entire Schuler School curriculum. The student, concentrating on the accurate rendering of the shapes of shadows and the simplifying and measuring of forms, learns to train the eye and to create three-dimensional forms on a two-dimensional surface. Students also copy from reproductions of Old Master drawings and receive lectures and exercises in perspective. Advanced drawing sessions use life models to teach proportion, movement and composition.
Students begin with ink tracings of bones and muscles, progressing to a study of proportional schematics and movement illustrations. Advanced students create acetate overlays that integrate bones and muscles and copy anatomical studies from the Old Masters. The skeleton and live models are also incorporated. Anatomy lectures are given throughout the school year.
Students learn basic techniques of oil painting and composition as well as the preparation of the Maroger medium and black oil. They also learn to grind paint from powdered pigments and prepare painting surfaces. Beginners copy from reproductions of the masters and advance to create their own compositions concentrating on progressively difficult subjects.
The techniques of watercolor are taught through working from flowers, still life, and landscape. Classes are held outdoors when weather permits. Principles of composition, color, and perspective are stressed.
Students work from life models in various media. Instruction focuses on anatomy, lighting, likeness, and style. Beginning students are encouraged to copy from portrait reproductions and to draw the model in charcoal.
The student models in plasteline and terra cotta, working from existing plaster casts. This enables them to learn the basic techniques of building a three dimensional form. Emphasis is placed on accurate measurement and knowledge of anatomy. The student will learn how to cast a piece in plaster and prepare a terra cotta piece for firing. Life models for portrait and figure are provided for advanced students.
Figure Drawings 013 B
Working in a variety of media, students study the human form from life models. They are able to apply their anatomy lessons by drawing the models in many different poses, observing bone and muscle structure, proportion, and balance. Five minute poses develop gesture drawing skills, and poses of twenty-minutes or longer encourage in-depth study of the figure, movement and form.
Plein Air
Students learn methods and techniques specific to landscape including composition, perspective, color and light. Plein Air(Outdoor) classes provide additional opportunities to understand and interpret a wealth of visual information from life. Additional coursework may include creating master copies to further hone observational and technical skills.
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The Schuler School of Fine Arts came into being as a direct result of the life work of two prolific artists: Hans Schuler, Sr. (1874 – 1951) and Jacques Maroger (1884 – 1962). Their respect for the old masters and dedication to excellence became the hallmark of their lives and continues to be the hallmark of the Schuler School of Fine Arts.







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